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4 Things To Expect With a Good Cloud Service Broker

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The cloud is

Understanding exactly what cloud broker services are and why businesses need them isn’t always easy — after all, isn’t cloud computing supposed to make things easier for businesses in the tech world? While cloud services definitely have some great advantages on their own, getting some assistance from cloud broker companies is just another benefit that will allow you to use this technology to the max.

Here are just a few things that you’ll find when you work with cloud broker services:

  • Cloud broker services function

Tips to Make Sweepstakes Work for You

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Online sweepstakes fulfillment

So, your company wants to run a sweepstakes.  That’s a great idea. It gets your brand exposure with a new demographic.  They are a very cost effective way that marketers have branded products for decades.  The mere act of putting on a sweepstakes ups the number of people who will interact with the brand and website.  Even if you don’t gain customers directly, you will get information that can be helpful.  Managing online contests can be a real challenge.  That’s why sweepstakes administration companies may be a good investment.

Here are some tips for managing sweepstakes:

  1. Look at your demographic and offer prizes they would want.  If your demographic is

The 3 Biggest IT Managed Services Trends of 2015

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Benefits of mobile marketing

Computers are all around us — and chances are, your business likely depends on computers and computer servers in order to operate at an optimal level.

And whether your business has already invested in the help of managed services providers or it’s still on the fence about outsourcing its IT services, it’s hard to deny the benefits that managed services can offer. This is especially true when one considers the many ways in which managed services providers are evolving over time.

Just how is the IT managed services industry continuing to evolve throughout 2015? Here’