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The 4 Main IT Service Pricing Models

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It learning center

Today, information technology has to do with a lot more than just making sure the computers turn on and the software is up to date. Better technology is offering businesses — small and medium-sized businesses, in particular — more and more options when it comes to network setup services, cloud computing, VOIP solutions (voice over Internet protocol), and numerous other IT-related issues. But with IT becoming so complex, its often best now to outsource IT services,

3 Dying Web Design Trends That You Should Retire Already

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In 2015, the way your website looks to Internet users may be more important for your business than ever before. Studies show that the average user will make an impression about an entire brand after viewing its website for less than 10 seconds! As a result, you can’t afford to work with PR companies that offer less-than-stellar web design services.

The tough part about keeping a well-designed website is the fact that trends in web design are always evolving. Design elements that were innovative and fresh even three years ago might look dated and stale now. Web users are smart — they’ll be able to tell when a website hasn’t been updated in a long time.

Now more than ever, a website that is packed with outdated graphics and follows dying design trends will make web users go to your competit

Brand Development and Digital Agencies

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Design strategy and innovation

Digital Agencies

Digitial innovation companies are a fairly new asset to the entrepreneurial world. These digital agencies are able to help businesses learn how to market their websites, products and services. Having a site that stands out can be the difference between a potential customer picking you or the competing company. Even 69% of marketers say that unique and dynamic content and web services design is important to a business’s website.

The new connected items that are being created with the help of innovation consulting by dgital agencies are refereed to as “things”. These things a