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Ask a Pay Per Click Specialist Google AdWords vs Bing PPC Ads

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When it comes to search, Google is number one. That’s never been up for debate (Google is a verb, after all). The infrastructure and overhead costs required to run a search engine are so immense that Microsoft and Yahoo decided to join forces, merging their search networks into Bing. And when Bing first came on the scene, some observers hoped the Google monopoly over search would finally be challenged. That never quite happened, although Bing has made a dent in Google’s traffic.

Of course, what the average consumer doesn’t realize is that Google isn’t really a search engine. It’s a gigantic advertising platform, and the same is true for Bing. And while your favorite w

How Professional SEO Services Can Improve Exposure

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The old days of using phone books and traveling from store to store to find a single product are dwindling more and more everyday. The ease of use that the internet and technology as a whole offers is too much to pass up. However, with the expanding market of e-commerce, staying prevalent in the ocean of online merchants can be challenge.

Currently an estimated 61% of internet users around the globe use online reviews and forums as their main source for researching products. The majority of these people will likely search on multiple websites to assure they are getting reliable information. But to be one of those sources, showing up on search results is a necessity.

Lets face it, it is pretty rare that any of us end up moving beyond the font page of Google’s search results. Professional SEO services c

5 Quick but Effective Tips for a Better SEO-Focused Web Design

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Search engine optimization is one of the most important internet marketing strategies that a small business can invest in today, but it’s important to remember that before starting any SEO service, there’s one issue you need to address first: your website design!

A great SEO company will also serve as a web development firm, making it easy to optimize your web design perfectly for your SEO campaign. But if you want to get a head start on making your website as effective and visually appealing as possible, here are just a few tried-and-true tips from the web design experts:

  1. Make sure to fill ou